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Newflands Omega-i


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Omega-i consist of Hoki oil, the natural sustainable fish oil and Astaxanthin, strongest antioxidant known to man. The Omega-i helps to strengthen the fur’s nutritional needs, restoring hair to beautiful luster, relieving skin irritation and some allergic itching. It is rich in natural arytenoids to strengthen the immune system and helps maintain bright clear eyes and delay retinal aging. Antioxidants are now recognised as the principle mediators of health and longevity. Most commercial dog foods whether dry, tinned or even raw are critically lacking in natural state antioxidants and enzymes.


Unlike most antioxidants, Asta has a massive surplus, allowing it to remain “active” longer – at least one order of magnitude more than most other antioxidants. It donates electrons to neutralise free radicals, and then rejects the excess energy primarily as heat. But the Astaxanthin remains intact – there are no chemical reaction to break it down which is what occurs in most other antioxidants. Most antioxidants, such as vitamin C, E and various others, can typically only handle one free radical at a time. But Asta can handle multiple free radicals simultaneously – in some cases more than 19 at the same time. Toxicity tests also shows that Asta is one of the safest antioxidant.

New Zealand Hoki with Astaxanthin, a rich antioxidant combined with natural Omega oil all sourced from New Zealand. Our Astaxanthin are not synthetically manufactured, but are farmed sustainably in New Zealand, in controlled environment and water, ensuring the natural quality without tapping into the eco-system.

Unique blend of antioxidant and fish oil high in Omegas, lovely red liquid which is easily digested when pumped over your pets food.

Benefits of Hoki Oil:

  • Removing toxin
  • Immunity support
  • Reducing free radicals
  • Joint support
  • Cardiac care
  • Cognitive function
  • Healthy glossy coat
  • Slow retinal degeneration

Ingredients: Hoki oil, Astaxanthin

How to use:

  • 1-25kg 1-2pumps

  • 25+kgs 3-4pumps

Newflands Hoki Oil delivers 2ml per pump. Each pump delivers DHA 210mg and EPA 124mg.

Storage: Best kept in cool dark areas or refrigerated

Suitable for both cats and dogs.