Little Beast Organic Soap Bar


Brand Little Beast

100% Natural pet shampoo bar with calming lavender essential oil and moisturising Apricot – combined with ground coffee beans and pure vegetable oils such as coconut oil, which make a fabulous lather.

The soap is safety assessed for humans to use too – we couldn’t bear to put “For Animal Use Only” on the packaging!

We use lavender essential oil which will make the whole ordeal a lot nicer for you and the pooch rather than the synthetic smells most liquid shampoos produce and at the same time provides a calming effect. Both lavender and ground coffee beans are believed to keep pests away naturally! Ground coffee bean is also known for deodorising and conditioning.

With the help of all our natural ingredients, your pet’s fur will be deodorised, deeply cleansed, moisturised and rejuvenated!

 Using a dog shampoo soap bar is more economical than liquid dog shampoo soap because you can apply it exactly where needed. No wasted liquid shampoo when your pooch starts to prance about because he loves his doggie bath!

Little Beast is 100% human grade

Good for: Oily, Normal, Fleas, Insects, smelly coats or just pets coated in mud or in fact anything unmentionable!!!

Age Guidelines: None but we suggest 4 months and upwards post jabs.

Storage Tips: Allow soap to dry then store away from heat and light in the box supplied.

Aroma: Lavender and Apricot oil

To use: Wet coat, then rub the bar into the coat to create a sumptuous lather, rinse with warm water then pat dry with a towel.