K9 Natural Freeze-Dried Lamb Feast


Brand K9 Natural


K9 Natural is a nutritionally sound and species appropriate diet which can therefore be fed to dogs at any stage of life: from puppies to seniors, during pregnancy and lactation. It is also suitable for any breed of dog, from toy to giant.

We guarantee that every mouthful of K9 Natural is bursting with the pure, natural goodness of New Zealand. You'll never find preservatives artificial colour or flavours, wheat, gluten, soy, rice or added sugar in any of our products, guaranteed!

All meat is sourced from animals deemed fit for human consumption.

With K9 Natural Freeze Dried you do not need to wait for the food to completely absorb all the moisture. Any remaining fluid is reconstituted blood which is normal and will be enjoyed by your dog.

Available in 500gm, 1.8kg and 3.6kg.


Fresh lamb (min.85%) including meat, blood, bone, green tripe, heart, liver and kidney. Vegetables (min.10%) including fresh broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, silver beet (spinach), cabbage and other seasonal vegetables. Fruit (min.3.5%) apples, pears and other seasonal fruit. Whole egg (min.0.3%) and garlic (min.0.01%).

Guaranteed Analysis (Freeze Dried)
Please note, slight differences exist between lab data and guaranteed analysis due to ensuring minimum and maximum values are met.
Minimum Crude Protein:23.8%
Minimum Crude Fat: 38.4%
Maximum Crude Fibre: 4.0%
Maximum Moisture: 8.0%
Calorie Content ME (calculated)
4713 kcal/kg
330 kcal/cup