Cranimals Original Urinary Tract Supplement


Brand Cranimals

CRANIMALS™ ORIGINAL is made from 100% certified organic cranberries.

A single dose provides ~2000 mg of pure unadulterated food grade cranberry extract the most concentrated source of proanthocyanidins (PAC's) currently available on the market. Research has shown that the phytochemicals in cranberries inhibit the adhesion of E. coli (the bacteria responsible for most urinary tract infections) to the lining of the urinary tract. Cranimals Original is also beneficial for dental health (i.e. helps to discourage the growth of plaque on teeth and gums), because it comes in a powder form and is mixed with your pet's food. The supplement is successfully used by holistic veterinarians in North America, Europe and Asia to help prevent recurrent UTIs and associated struvite stones and incontinence. Using natural remedies for common pet health issues such as UTIs helps cut down on antibiotic overuse and resulting bacterial resistance, as well as side effects that may be encountered when drug based medications are used.


Simply mix CRANIMALS™ with your pet's kibble or wet food or add to snacks (i.e. yoghurt).

Small dogs or cats 1 - 10kg - 1 teaspoon/day

Dogs 11 - 25kg - 2 teaspoons/day

Dogs 26 - 62kg - 2.5 teaspoons/day


Certified organic cranberry extract (100%)

Weight: 120gm