GEX Pure Crystal Drinking Fountain Cage for Puppy


Brand Gex

Available in 900ml.

Concerned about the cleanliness of your pet's drinking water? 

The GEX Pure Crystal Drinking Bowl is designed to remove pollutants such as food waste, fur, dust and odour from the water, and enrich it with oxygen. 
Gex Pure Crystal Cage can be fixed to play pens and cages. Designed to be safe for puppies, and space saving.
A special ionic filter is also available (sold separately) to remove magnesium and calcium, softening the water for better health. 
Each set comes with a standard filter cartridge. 


* To Maintain clean water always - remove food waste, fur, dust odour etc
* Tasty Water - enrich water with oxygen making it fresh and clean
* Special Ionic Filter removes Mg & Ca, maintain healthy lower urinary tract
* Special Funnel - Designed specifically to cater to dogs’ or cats’ drinking pattern
* Easy view- designed with water level indicator
* Safe, Quiet, and Low Cost to operate - 12v low voltage