WashBar 100% Natural Shampoo


Brand WashBar

Completely 100% natural preservative developed (& made) in NZ for use in high-end human skincare & cosmetic products. It also uses a natural surfactant that doesn’t have a high foaming action like most non-natural shampoos. Significant research has gone into developing the ideal consistency for working into all types of dogs coats yet rinsing out easily.


Made with 100% natural ingredients
All ingredients are ethical, natural & fully traceable
Available in 250ml.

Ingredients (Citrus + Manuka):

Leaves a fresh lemony smell using Lemon Myrtle & Certified Organic Manuka Pure Essential Oils.

Ingredients (Lavender + Primrose):

A traditional warm floral smell with antibacterial & calming qualities. Evening Primrose Oil helps repair and nourish skin.

Ingredients (Neem Fresh):

Ideal for sensitive skins & contains extra Neem together with Pure Essential oils of Manuka, Cedarwood, Rosemary & Peppermint. The mix of Neem & essential oils is designed to help with flea control.