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Absolute Holistic Grain Free Salmon Loin Sausage


Brand Absolute Holistic

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Made in small batches to maximize our uniquely moist texture, we start with the good lean cuts of wholesome, delicious meat . Then we take the time to flame-grill our meats to perfection to make sure we’ve locked in the unexpectedly rich flavours and authentic aromas that your pet loves.

Unlike other jerky, ours finishes with a slightly smoky flavour that’s sure to have your pets reaching back in the bag for another piece. Brimming with mouth-watering taste, our incredibly satisfying, astonishingly delicious and tender jerky will go so far beyond your expectations that you’ll never settle for other jerky again.

All Meat Tested in USA-certified Laboratories to ensure the safest quality for your pets!

Ideal for Chicken-sensitive dog!


Fresh deboned salmon