Dog Training: Does It Always Have To Be So Hard?

Dog training does not have to be hard or complicated; with persistence and patience, you can see good results in no time. There are many tools and techniques involved in training, such as the use of dog treats, toys or various training aids.

Perhaps you might be wondering how important it is to train your dog?

Puppy Training Singapore

Dog training at a young age is important so that they can grow up with positive behavior, reducing the risk of bad habits that will be hard to change as they age. Positive reinforcement training methods promotes a stronger bond between you and your dog. It also imparts essential skills that may become useful in emergency situations. Imagine your dog running across the park due to a broken leash or collar, a strong recall command will ensure that your dog returns to you when the such a situation arise.

If you want to make sure that your dog training sessions are fruitful, follow these best practices:

  1. Be generous with rewards and praise whenever your puppy does something good. Oftentimes we tend to react strongly whenever our dog misbehaves, but when he does something good we should show the same attention and care. Saying “good dog” combined with petting and treating is a great way to do this.
  2. Observe your dog’s behavior and pay attention to their body language. If you are trying to socialize him with other dogs but he looks uncomfortable or hesitant, don’t force it. Let it be and try socializing him again another time. His body language is the only way he can express to you that he isn’t comfortable, and these should be respected.
  3. Be realistic when expecting your dog to change their behavior. Establishing new habits and traits will take time, so be patient and have a dog toy ready so that you can play with him even if your training session ended abruptly.
  4. When it comes to dog training, consistency is just as important as your own patience. If you live with other people in your house, try to get them involved in the training so that your dog won’t get confused. Have them take turns feeding him with his favourite dog treats so that it becomes normal to your pup. Another way to ensure consistency is to establish the house rules with your new dog. For example: all couches are off-limits, jumping on beds is forbidden, etc.
  5. Use a training clicker to reinforce positive behaviours. The training clicker can be used as a training aid to ensure that the right behaviours are timely acknowledged by you or anyone training your dog. Refrain from clicking and treating unnecessarily as this can become confusing for your new puppy.
  6. In a stressful situation, you may consider using training aid devices as such Relaxdog sound module device from Relaxopet to provide comfort to your dog. These devices emit a specific range of high frequency sound waves that becomes inaudible to our human hearing range. These high frequency sound waves are clinically tested to calm the brain activity of your dog, allowing them to react positively in a training session.

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May 03, 2018 by Brendan Lin
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