How Much Food Should I Feed My Dog?

How much food should i feed my dog?

Big dogs, little dogs, fat dogs, skinny dogs – they're all wonderful! We all love our dogs. But if you ask them, most dogs are likely to say that you are starving them! Sure, there are a few dogs who refuse to eat, driving their owners crazy. But most dog lovers have the opposite problem. They have dogs who always want more food and more treats. Research around the world from various countries indicates that dogs have a worldwide obesity problem.Ziwipeak Dog Food Singapore

Here are some tips you can take to keep your dog slim and healthy:

  • Don't overfeed your dog;
  • Give treats in moderation;
  • Make sure your dog is getting regular daily exercise.

The suggested feeding amounts on dog food labels are based on a dog's weight and not much else. They don't take into account your dog's activity level, whether your dog is spayed/neutered, age, or other factors that can affect their metabolism. There can be big differences in metabolism and energy requirements among different breeds.Primal Dog Food Singapore

So, how can you figure out how much food to feed your dog?

This chart provides the daily energy requirements for dogs, based on their activity levels and other factors. “RER” refers to a dog's “resting energy rate.” RER is the basic amount of energy a dog uses each day while resting. 


Daily Energy

Weight loss

1.0 x RER

Neutered adult normal activity

1.6 x RER

Intact adult normal activity

1.8 x RER

Light work

2.0 x RER

Moderate work

3.0 x RER

Heavy work

4 - 8 x RER

Pregnant dog (first 42 days)

1.8 x RER

Pregnant dog (last 21 days)

3.0 x RER

Lactating female

4-8 x RER

Puppy - weaning to 4 months

3.0 x RER

Puppy - 4 months to adult size

2.0 x RER


You can calculate the RER for your dog by using this formula:

RER in kcal/day = 30(body weight in kilograms) + 70


If your dog is a neutered male weighing 9kg, engaging in a normal level of activity, the calculation would look like this:

30(9) + 70 = 340
340 is your dog's Resting Energy Rate
Multiply 340 x 1.6 (Daily Energy Requirements) = 544
Your dog needs an estimated 544 calories per day based on his weight, activity level, and metabolism.

Some brands of pet food company such as Merrick and Primal also provides an online calculator on their website (Check out their links at the end of this blog). It enables a quick and simple way to help you figure calories for your pet. Online pet food calculators are usually not quite as precise as doing the calculation yourself. Most of them don't give you as many options and activity levels to choose from. However, they operate using the same formula for their calculations.

These methods are usually closer to what your dog needs in terms of calories than the guidelines on the bag or can of pet food. You will still need to observe your dog or puppy and make sure he is not gaining or losing too much weight. His coat should be shiny and healthy and he should be active with the amount of food you are feeding him. If your dog is gaining a little too much weight or is a little thin, you can adjust the amount of food you are feeding.

If you have questions about your dog's condition or whether he needs to gain or lose weight, talk to your veterinarian and seek his or her professional opinion.

Some suggested calculators:
Merrick Online Calculator For Dogs And Cats
Primal Feeding Calculator


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