Would You Feed Your Dog A Raw Diet?

What Is A Raw Diet For Dogs?

Let us start with the very basics of a Raw Diet. It is exactly that, a diet composed solely of raw, uncooked meat, bones and organs. These diets are based on the suspected diet of your dog’s carnivorous ancestors, who would hunt and capture their own food. They would then eat their prey entirely! Like their relatives, wild wolves do today. Because of this concept, Raw Diets generally follow a guideline of, 80% muscle meat – 10% Bone or Cartilage – 10% Organ (with 5% being liver) from a non-carnivorous animal.

If we were to take a look at the diet of our beloved pet’s ancestors, you would soon realize why so many dogs have food related issues. Whether that be skin allergies, yeast infections, tear stains, or loose stools. They just weren’t designed to consume a diet consisting of 65%+ carbohydrates, like some of your grocery store brand dog food would lead you to believe.

Raw diets, more times than not, contain little to no carbohydrates. Sometimes, fruits and vegetables are added to mimic the foliage that would be in a prey animal’s stomach contents. Dog Food companies, such as Primal, Northwest Naturals and K9 Natural who have begun offering raw diet options, have taken advantage of this, to add fruits and vegetables that have added benefits like increased omegas and antioxidants.

While Raw Diets have been seen as controversial in the past, due to the risk of bacteria and owners creating an unbalanced diet. Many great companies have taken huge steps in offering easy to feed, low risk options that allow your pet to experience all the great benefits a raw diet has to offer. Without the worry of salmonella, or lacking key nutrients.

Ziwipeak Air Dried Raw Diet For Dogs

When comparing a Raw Diet to a commercial processed diet, we often tell customers to compare it to us eating a fast / packaged food diet over, fresh whole foods. While the fast food diet, provides us with the nutrients and energy we need, it is not ideal for our health. Their bodies, like ours, respond better to natural vitamins and minerals rather than synthetic ones that are added to processed food.

Overall a Raw Diet is a great way to ensure that your pooch is receiving the best quality nutrition, which will lead to a healthy pet! Inside and Out!

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