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Car Grooming Singapore - Detail Mania

Our team at The Loyal One have partnered with one of Singapore's leading car grooming company, Detail Mania, to offer all our customers and friends an alternative solution to DIY car cleaning! This option is perfect for anyone who requires regular grooming services or specialised paint protection services. Detail Mania would be able to offer the perfect solution for you.

Detail Mania Singapore

Mostly importantly, they are able to offer a full suit of interior detailing and grooming options. Those of you who frequently bring your pets out in the car will usually find your car filled with fur and dirt from your pets. This can sometimes be a little annoying after a long day out with your pup and you find that apart from showering and cleaning your pup, the car needs a little clean up too. These guys at Detail Mania are capable of carrying out a complete steam cleaning regime for the interior cabin of your ride. This includes removal of fur, dirt, dust and debris. It even sanitises the surface as the high temperature of the steam works to eradicate germs and harmful bacteria!

Detail Mania Singapore - Paint Rejuvenation and Coating results!

Apart from the standard grooming service that they offer, you can choose to paint protect your ride with the luxurious Skinz Silica Coating which is imported and researched in Japan. These coatings works like a charm and offers up to 3 years of paint protection on a single application! These coatings protect the original paint surface from harmful environmental fallout such as bird dropping or acid rain.

As a friend and member of The Loyal One, Detail Mania will be offering a 10% discount off all Grooming and Regular Detailing services to you. You can find out more about their services here!

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February 02, 2016 by Brendan Lin
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