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Many of us spend a large majority of our time indoors, this could be spending time watching tv, using the computer or even sleeping. During this time, we are ultimately exposed to the quality of our indoor air. Having a poor quality of indoor air can have many ill benefits to our health in the long run. It can create more problems such as allergies, poor appetite and in some severe cases, respiratory problems. Protect your family and furkids by improving the quality of air they breathe today!

Octygen Anniversary Promotion Singapore

We have partner with a local air purification company, Octygen, who has created a couple of great products to rid your surrounding air of germs, toxic chemicals, bad odours and even dust.

Trusted by hospitals, 5 star hotels, airport and childcare centres in Singapore since 2003.

To celebrate their Anniversary, they will be having some great offers on the entire range of air purification devices for home and car.

From now till 31st July 2017, the home use Octygen InFusion will retail for $498 (U.P $595) while the in-car unit, Octygen InRush, will retail for $168 (U.P. $250). For specifications and more explanation of the individual units, please click on the respective links to find out more!

Remember to use the following codes when you checkout to enjoy the discount.

"OCTYGENIF" - Purchase Octygen InFusion at a discounted rate of $498

"OCTYGENIR" - Purchase Octygen InRush at a discounted rate of $168

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May 24, 2016 by Brendan Lin
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