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Crate Training: Tips & Tricks

Dog Crate Training Tips & Tricks

Crate training is a valuable tool in teaching your puppy the right behaviour, as well as using dog treats. You will be able to find many pet stores in your neighbourhood or online pet shops who carries a wide range of healthy dog treats. Crate training is not only beneficial for overall training; it is also useful in keeping your puppy safe as soon as he associates it with his home.

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Dealing With Skin Problems - Is it always food related?

Dealing With Skins Problems - Is it always food related?

Fighting the allergy. Is this all about the food?

"However, there are more serious cases where some dogs develop an allergy towards elements in their food or natural environment. Some dogs also have inhalant allergies. They can have skin problems such as itching and chewing on their skin because they have an allergic reaction to some kind of pollen or allergen that they inhale. These type of allergies are usually harder to combat as it will be difficult to determine the source of the allergen."

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How Much Food Should I Feed My Dog?

Blog #3 - How Much Food Should I Feed My Dog

Big dogs, little dogs, fat dogs, skinny dogs – they're all wonderful! We all love our dogs. But if you ask them, most dogs are likely to say that you are starving them! Sure, there are a few dogs who refuse to eat, driving their owners crazy. But most dog lovers have the opposite problem. They have dogs who always want more food and more treats. Research around the world from various countries indicates that dogs have a worldwide obesity problem.

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